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paul simon heyduck was born in frankfurt main, germany and lived there until 2014.
now living and studying in höhr-grenzhausen near koblenz.

_studied at hfg_offenbach: experimental space-concepts (prof. heiner blum) and electronic media (prof. ulrike gabriel) to extend artistic expression with time-based media

_part on the collaborative av-installation in public space “datura //engelstrompete”.
_research on generative image creation.

_video sculpture „katharsis“.
_video performance „magnetic pattern“.

_switched university to the ceramic /fine-art /sculpture institute IKKG in höhr-grenzhausen (prof. anne wenzel) to focus on the exploration of working with raw materials, matter, and understanding the parallels of generative image-creation and process orientated sculptures and installations.

1987 | hello world
2007 | final secondary-school examinations (abitur)
2008 | civilian service
2009 | student: art/visual_communication at hfg offenbach
2013 | pre-diploma in concept-art (prof. heiner blum)
2014 | student: fine-art/sculpture at ikkg höhr-grenzhausen

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since i am able to hold a pencil i draw . soon i enjoyed the frankfurt-music-fairs lasershows or kraftwerk concerts, sitting on my fathers shoulders. this source of inspiration lead me to verry early artistic experiments involving dia-projectors, different optical lenses and colour filters or my fathers super8 camera.

at the university for art and design in offenbach (hfg) i explored digital image generation in different forms like programming, video, 3d moddeling. translating my imageworld into motion-graphics is stil a stong motivation. but translating into matter aswell. now i study fine-art ceramics at the "institute for ceramics and glass art" ikkg in höhr-grenzhausen. for me, ceramics is like painting, extended to the 3d space, in a verry analouge way.

through creating 3d-graphics and computer generated anaglyph visuals, i obviously became hungry for spacial and taktile noise. the principles and approaches whith which i work in programming and 3d software are surprisingly well translateable into raw-materials and ceramic processes. noise and un-reproduceable-ity are incerdible interesting for me. long enough i was nurtured by "ctrl+z" and "save as".

at life performances the computer is way more than just a support for me. its a great tool and without it this form of timebased art would not be possible. but when it comes to spacial and taktile experiences, what a computer is able to "produce" until now is limited to illusions, which have to be transformed into matter to exist autark and indepandent from support-systems.

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